Short Biography of prospective new SCAHC Board Member, Lesley Hodgson:

I grew up in England in a town called Newark. The original Newark.

From 1958 to 1965 I trained, then worked, as a radiographer in various hospitals around the country.

In 1977 I moved to the U.S, with my husband and family, living in New Jersey, then Georgia and back to New Jersey in 1983.

While in Albany, Georgia, I helped to set up a Police Horse Unit.

Back in New Jersey I trained as an EMT, became a 4H leader, taught horseback riding and learned to sail.

I became a US citizen in 1992.

1995 to 2005 were fascinating years as Trevor and I sailed around the Atlantic Ocean. We crossed it 4 times visiting Greenland, Canada, Europe, Africa, Brazil and the Caribbean.

My interests now are computers, photography, crafts and volunteering for Sussex County Arts & Heritage Council.

I provide computer tech support for the SCAHC office.

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